Tyler Gay- Photographer/Videographer

Jes Gay- Hair & Makeup Artist/ Second Shooter

We are a husband and wife team whose aim is to help you create tangible memories that will last forever.  

When Tyler and I met, he was a realist and I was a free spirit. He kept me safe and I kept him dreaming. We were two totally different souls who came together through love. Art has always been my escape and as a child I loved writing poetry, painting, and the freedom of hair and makeup. My experience in the beauty industry began almost 9 years ago, working as a Salon Assistant at 15. I later attended Cosmetology school and completed an Apprenticeship program, earning my master cosmetology license. The Beauty industry has allowed me to express my love for human connection and has given me an outlet to help others feel beautiful and worthy.

Tyler excelled academically as well as in sports growing up. I remember meeting him and loving that he was so collected, yet open minded and appreciative of how eccentric I was. It should have been no surprise that he would come to be an artist himself. He had taken the left brained route and attended GA Southern University to pursue a business degree in Accounting. His new career was practical and realistic, but the unrelenting truth was that he was not following his dreams. Living to meet a societal standard of success is no life, so he chose to do something that would make him happy. He found his passion behind a camera and I have never seen him more at home. It was that decision that inspired us to simplify everything and live a slower, more intentional life.

After combining our art and working together on a few projects, we quickly realized that we had found our place. That revelation became Live Slow Productions. You plan your wedding for so long, and it is over in a day. The details and particulars will fade away with time but you will always remember that you were there together, sharing your love with a sea of those who are special to you. As a recently married couple, we encourage you to drown out all of the noise, to "Live Slow" and cherish every single moment. We are honored to be a part of such important experiences in the lives of others. To be in the presence of love serves as a reminder for us to continue loving each other with all that we have every single day. 

We thank you for your interest in our work and our story. While we do currently specialize in weddings, we are also available for other events as well. Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing your story!

Our Family Below. :)

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